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​ Graduated from International Barber and Beauty College at the top. After working as a stylist in Japan, moved to the United States alone in the early 90's. While running an apparel shop in NY, he learned braiding skills from a local braider. After getting married and giving birth locally, he returned to Japan and devoted himself to the beauty industry again. He opened an import apparel shop and BLACK HAIR SALON B-STYLE, and continues to this day. In addition to salon work, he has been involved in photography as a hair and makeup artist while giving lectures at hair and makeup schools as a hair braiding and makeup instructor, and has been the first to output trends, and his style has been highly evaluated overseas and has become a famous overseas magazine. Is also taken up.

At BLACK BEAUTY SENSATIONNEL HAIR AWARDS, Europe's largest black hair contest held at LONDON on November 26, 2017

BRAID STYLIST and INTERNAITONAL STYLISTNominated as a finalist in 2 categories and won the INTERNATIONAL STYLIST OF THE YEAR ! !!

In 2018, he was nominated for the INTERNATIONAL STYLIST category in the same contest for the second consecutive year!

featured in Essence magazine!
"Emmy has been styling hair for over 20 years as a graduate of the International Beauty college in Tokyo, Japan. After graduation, she spent several years gaining experience in NYC, styling Afro textured hair. She then returned to Japan, where she opened her salon B-STYLE in 1995. Located in Chiba, Japan, B-STYLE salon is at forefront of Black Haircare and Emmy's work, has been featured in publications such as LUIRE, Woofin'girl, and Dance style magazine and so on. She has She is a master of traditional styles in both Black and Japanese haircare but where she shines most is in her creative take when she blends the two fashions. Emmy states that she draws inspiration from music and Afro culture when coming up with her creative hair designs. An entrepreneur to the care, she also has her own beauty supply store and hair braiding school. "
          by "CRAYON BEATS MAGAZINE" Tiffany Robinson
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